Group Training Classes

Hosted by Search Tall

Group Classes are 45min-1 hour depending on class size, with a maximum of 6 teams per class.

Weekly Group Classes: Class sessions vary from 3 – 6 weeks depending on topic. Requires advanced payment and registration, no refunds for missed classes, any cancellations due to severe weather will be rescheduled.

Drop-in Group Classes: All levels, pay as you go style classes. These classes will be cancelled due to severe weather.

Classes TBA. Please contact if interested in being informed of future class offerings.

Obedience Training Club of

Palm Beach County

Recurring classes taught by Lauren at Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County(OTCPBC).

Tuesday 4:00PM, 5:15PM & 6:30PM:

NW Skill Building: Grow your team by building skills in these class. Searches will be constructed to work on specific skills for both dogs and handlers. Skills include elevations, inaccessible, converging odor, thresholds, distractions, time management, leash handling and more. Teams will be asked to search blank areas and under blind conditions. Searches will be conducted both indoors and outdoors, weather dependent.

IMPORTANT: Dogs must already be imprinted and searching for odor; birch, anise and clove will be used for ALL classes.  

Registration links on Club website. 

Jupiter Tequesta

Dog Club

Recurring classes taught by Lauren at Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club (JTDC).

Thursday: 4:00PM Intermediate NW, 5:15PM: Advanced NW & 6:30PM: Intermediate NW 

New Classes Beginning June 2024

Saturday: 1:00PM & 2:15PM Beginning Nosework: Intro to Odor: For teams with no experience in nosework(or teams looking to restart from the beginning). Dogs will be introduced to odor in the first class. Over the following classes we will continue to build value for odor and for the search.

Saturday: 3:00PM Novice NW: For teams new to searching. In this class teams will be building experience working single hides searches.

IMPORTANT: For all classes other than Beginning Nosework dogs must already be imprinted and searching for odor; birch, anise and clove will be used for ALL classes.

Contact for class information and registration.  

Virtual Training

Lauren regularly works as a Teaching Assistant for Stacy Barnett’s Online Classes on Fenzi Dog Sports Academy providing feedback to current Bronze enrolled students.

Next Session begins June 1st: NW190: Training a Thinking Nosework Dog

Registration opens May 22nd

Complete class descriptions, syllabus and registration links on FDSA Website.